Brief Answers To The Big Questions

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Sunday Times Science Book of the Year

With a forward by Eddie Redmayne 
An introduction by professor Kip Thorne
And an afterward by Lucy Hawking

'The best, most mind-bending sort of physics: Black holes, time travel, the origins of the universe' The Times

'It is that ultra-distinctive voice (modest, profound, sometimes very funny) that knits this book together' Sunday Times

'Hawking's parting gift to humanity...a book every thinking person worried about humanity's future should read' NPR

'{Hawking is} a symbol of the soaring power of the human mind' Washington Post

'{Brief Answers To The Big Questions offers} brisk, lucid peeks into the future of science and of humanity' Wall Street Journal

'Both lucid and mind-bending' New Statesman1

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As co-author
The Nature of Spacetime
The Large, the Small and the Human mind
The Future of Spacetime
A Brief History of Time
The Grand Design

A Note from the Publisher
Stephen Hawking was regularly asked for his thoughts on the 'big questions' of the day by scientists, tech entrepreneurs, senior business figures, political leaders and the general public. Stephen maintained an enormous personal archive of his responses, which took the form of speeches, interviews and essays.
This book draws from this personal archive and was in development at the time of his death. It has been completed in collaboration with his academic colleagues, his family and the Stephen Hawking Estate.
A percentage of the royalties will go to charity.

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